Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding
length of days.  Job 12:12


The New Faith Baptist Church ‘M.E.T.S.’ group was formerly our ‘Senior Joy’ ministry.  The M.E.T.S. ministry is set up for those over 50 years-old, but everyone is welcome (whether or not they fall into that age group as well as whether or not they attend New Faith).  Typically, the study group will meet on Tuesdays at 10AM, but that day or time can always be revisited. 

M – We will meet for social fellowship with one another and exalt Christ.  We plan on doing this formally each week.  Additionally, once a month we will gather at a restaurant or have lunch on the church grounds.

E – We are Baptists, and Baptists like to eat to prepare ourselves for that Great Supper with Christ. 

T – At times, we will travel to events (such as Granbury Live, the Promise, possibly even to Branson or Nashville). 

S – We serve.  Volunteers from our ministry will, on occasion, head out in teams of two to four people to visit members in assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, even the homes of shut-in’s.  This would include providing The Lord’s Supper a couple of times a year.  (This is, naturally, contingent on the facilities’ visiting policies at any given time.)

If you are interested or have questions, contact Mike Stoner at 817-901-5670 or Nanci Vessells at 817-980-8539.

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Study in Deuteronomy