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We are truly a ‘traditional’ Baptist Congregation.  We rely on the King James Bible to be our main manual for life. There is no confusing our hymns with ‘rock concerts.’ We share a potluck meal together the third Sunday of each month. The fourth Sunday evening service is a special time of sharing, singing and praising the Lord.  Come and visit us soon! 

This is a Bible icon with a transparent background, representing New Faith's passion for The Word of God, His Holy Bible


We love the King James version

Whether in Sunday School classes or in the worship services, it's always important to have a Bible, in hand, at New Faith. There is both teaching and preaching within our facilities and it is all predicated on our firm conviction that The Bible is God's Holy Word and our guidebook for life in this world.

This is a graphic of a goblet of the fruit of the vine and a loaf of bread for The Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper

Breaking bread and supping together

On the night He was betrayed, Jesus took the fruit of the vine, and broke bread, to symbolically share with His disciples for them to remember the sacrifice He would make for all of us with His broken body and shedding of blood. New Faith remembers this sacrifice as we share together the Lord's Supper several times each year.

This is an icon representing the once-a-month pot luck meals we have in our church building

Pot Luck Meals

Fellowship together with food and drink

New Faith Baptist Church has a monthly 'Pot Luck Meal' after the morning service that day. We fellowship together around an array of foods and drinks, then dismiss for the day. We have no evening service on the third Sunday of each month, having spent the morning and part of the afternoon together with our 'Pot Luck' gathering.

This is an icon representing the multiple missions supported by New Faith Baptist Church of Aledo, Texas.


New Faith supports various missions

We support several missions, happily reaching out to a world searching an answer. Some of the missions we support with finances and first-hand interaction include: The Backpack Ministry; The Center of Hope; The Pythian Home; and The Voice of the Martrys.